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About Us

AJ Telecoms is an indirect partner to Cell C, one of the biggest Telecommunications companies in South Africa. The company was founded in the year 2014 and expanded it’s operations to East Africa in countries like Tanzania in its capital city Dar Es Salaam. In 2018 the company restructured it’s operations and re-registered the business as AJ Technologies & Telecommunications certified as 2018/030299/07 with CIPC according to the South African Laws of Company Registration.

As an Internet Service Provider, AJ Telecoms has been in the telecommunications business for over 10 years with its founder Abi Mazibuko who worked for Cell C for over 7years.

What We Offer

AJ Telecoms strives to equip small to medium enterprises with cost-effective, simple-to-use interfaces and technologies that help enable maximum reach to the world around them.
Whether you are doing business at home of using internet to help your kids with their homework, you deserve a reliable stable connection and the gadgets that go with it. AJ Telecoms has got you covered.
With LTE speeds of up-to 20mb/s you can enjoy all the extra staff on your mobile devices using our pocket routers, fixed LTE routers or even your mobile cellphone. Enjoy the current trends with friends and family wherever you are.


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