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Our Team


Our Sales TeamAJ Telecoms Sales team

At AJ Telecoms, we're proud to provide the highest level of Field Account Managers nation wide. Our sales team is comprised of highly trained, dedicated associates, each with several years of experience. Because we understand that product knowledge is imperative, we put our sales force through an extensive Sales and Product training program right from the start, and we continually challenge them to expand their capabilities once they are on the road.
We strongly believe in developing close relationships with our clients, which is why so many of them have relied on us for years. Our sales territories have been carefully drawn with one thing in mind: creating, building and maintaining customer relationships. Our account managers visit clients often to check on their installations.

Our Technical TeamAJ Telecoms Technical Team

At AJ Telecoms we have done our best to be something different in the market. We concentrate on growing long term partnerships with our customers based on core principles. We take the concept of partnership seriously, and we know the best building block of this foundation is our people. Having the most trustworthy and knowledgeable staff in the industry is a relentless task. And we feel strongly that we deliver on this promise with the amazing team that we have assembled through the years.
By investing in our support team, we are able to set the standard of what other companies are judged by. This is proven by the incredible feedback that we receive from our customers both online and in person.

Our Support TeamAJ Telecoms Support Team

Our experience in complex, high value Telecommunication projects has enabled us to develop a specialised technical team to support these kinds of installations. Our early review process allows us to work with you to review and improve any potential setup risks, identifying any issues at the installation site which may affect maximum results and helping to avoid any unnecessary costs.
Our technical team at AJ Telecoms go on regular training to provide our customers with the best up to date information on telecommunication systems and training as well as installation of all the products we provide.

Our Marketing TeamAJ Telecoms Marketing Team

Our marketing team is the heartbeat of our creative endeavours. With our aim to push AJ Telecoms into the forefront of the Telecommunications Industry, we hope to play a significant role in turning South Africa into a formidable Telecommunications hub in Africa. Fuelled by passion and talent, our marketing team is driven to deliver outstanding marketing campaigns, both for AJ Telecoms, and all future clients. Our team consists of long-time Telecommunications enthusiasts, startup marketers, as well as entrepreneurs.
Our marketing savvy’s… Social media experts, innovative website designers and creative content producers. The AJ Telecoms Marketing team are specialists in brand awareness.